Is a robust, well engineered, highly effective, stainless steel rodent exclusion unit for installation within a drainage / pipe system.
A - External Hinge & Pipe Stop
B - No Flow Restriction
C - 100% Stainless Steel
D - Compressible Side Walls For more detail on Ratwall click here

The Best Rat Blocker in the World?

The Best Rat Blocker in the World?


  • Most Advanced Rat Blocker Available
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • VA Approved by the Danish Technological Institute
  • Dual Serrated Flaps
  • Easy Installation from Street Level
  • Referred to as the ‘Vermend’ Rat Blocker in the UK

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Ratwall Intro & Install Video

Buy Ratwall, high quality, stainless steel rat flap (excludes VAT)

The Problem

The Problem

Rats cause damage to drainage pipework and homes and will enter properties via a toilet if left unchecked, seeking out warmth and food.

The Solution

The Solution

Ratwall provides a low cost, effective solution for 100 & 150mm drainage systems in clay, PVC and cast iron materials.

One Device, Full Protection

One Device, Full Protection

Most dwellings have one main drainage outlet point before connecting to the main sewer, Ratwall is installed here protecting the whole upstream drainage system from Rat intrusion. A - Terraced Housing B - Detatched Housing C - Main Sewer Lines

Effective, Well Engineered Rat Blocker in Use

  • Ratwall is Robust

    Well engineered, strong unit. Securely positioned in the drainage line for reliable operation. A highly effective Rat Prevention device.

  • Suitable for

    Ratwall is suitable for 4 inch and 6 inch drains in both Plastic or Clay. Stop rats climbing up drain pipes. Unit is configurable for in let or outlet position. No flow restriction.

  • Easy Installation

    Ratwall rat drain blocker is quick and easy to install. Unique mechanism to ensure low friction insertion into drain. Optional installation pole enabling the unit to be installed from ground level.

  • Dependable

    Ratwall can open fully with no hinge within pipe diameter, allowing maximum flow. Device shape ensures it cannot become dislodged and lost in drainage line. Rats cannot pass the Rat Flap device against the flow.

  • High Quality

    The Ratwall Rat Blocker for drains is precision engineered for quality and long Life. Fully Stainless Steel unit. Acid resistant and durable.

  • Ratwall is Eco Friendly

    Clean and non-toxic rat barrier drain protection. Durable and long lasting rat prevention device.