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About Ratwall

What is Ratwall?

Ingenious Rat Barrier Drain Protection

Ratwall is a simple but highly effective rat drain barrier protection system for homes and businesses. Ratwall is a precision engineered, stainless steel ‘rat flap’ device for installation within a drainage or pipe system.

How does Ratwall work?

The Rat Flap for Drains

Ratwall provides a low cost, effective solution for 100 & 150mm drainage systems in clay, PVC and cast iron materials.

Most homes have one main drainage outlet point before connecting to the main sewer, the Ratwall rat drain blocker is installed at this point effectively rat proofing and protecting the whole upstream drainage system from Rat invasion.

Ratwall is capable of a hinge-less opening to the full diameter of the pipe, allowing maximum flow rates at all times. The engineered shape of the rat flap device ensures it cannot become dislodged and lost in drainage line. Rats cannot pass the device against the flow.

Who are Ratwall?

Ratwall is part of the Metex range of innovate products designed for the pest control and construction industry.

Metex has over 50 years’ experience in the supply of innovative construction materials designed to assist construction and pest control professionals on their building and maintenance projects.

For further details of our ever growing range of creative construction and maintenance related products please visit metexonline.com.

Working with manufacturing both in the UK and overseas Metex aim to provide products that are not only highly competitive but which use quality materials that have been rigorously tested in 'live' construction situations before market release.

Through ongoing evaluation of construction market sectors Metex are seeking to expand their portfolio of construction related products in future months and years by either enhancing an existing product to provide a better user experience or by developing new products that will add real value to companies in the construction and pest control sectors.