Metex, home of the Industrial Grade Rat Blocker

At Metex we’re delighted to announce our agreement with Nordisk Innovations, as their exclusive UK & Ireland partner for their exceptional quality, professional, Rat Blocker range

With over 90,000 units being installed worldwide and a legislative requirement in Denmark, these products have been developed and comprehensively tested over 12 years. The test results and products establishing Nordisk Innovation as the leading manufacturer of the world’s highest quality, professional, stainless steel Rat Blocker range

Whilst we develop a new informational and ecommerce website specifically for our comprehensive range of Rat Blockers, should you need further information on the Nordisk Range of products please contact us as below.

T: 0800 130 3646


Not all Rat Blockers are equal.

  • Industrial Grade Rat Blocker
  • Over 90,000 units installed
  • Most advanced on the market
  • Required by Legislation in Denmark
  • Available in sizes up to "350mm

The Best Rat Blocker in the World?


  • Most advanced Ratblocker available
  • Exceptional quality
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • VA Approved by the Danish Technological Institute
  • Dual serrated flaps
  • Easy installation from street level
  • Has also been referred to as the ‘Vermend’ Rat Blocker in the UK